What's a Youatarian? It's my own phrase I have used when people ask me how I have lost my excess weight. I'm a Youatarian and live the youatarian lifestyle. Simply put, a Youatarian is someone that follows YOU On a Diet. For any YOAD followers out there that would like to adopt the phrase
for themselves, please feel free.

- Marshall (aka Orlando Tek)

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

My Story

In July 2006, I visited the doctor for a multitude of
ongoing medical problems and when I weighed
in I remember being 305lbs. That was the heaviest
I could ever remember weighing on any scale in my life.

My wife, also overweight, started some small changes
in her diet at that time and those changes made its way
through into my diet as well.

In September 2006, I watched my mother undergo
triple bypass surgey. And I always believed her
to be of modest health although she had passed
on a few of her problems to me including high blood
pressure and acid reflux issues. In her early 20's,
unaware of her high blood pressure problem, she
actually had a stroke, although not very severe.

My dad is a bit healthier even though being
12 years older than my mom, but he has borderline
adult onset diabetes and he had a stint put into an
artery a few years back.

Taking in all this information, It was then I decided
I needed to make some serious changes in my life
or I will be the next one on the heart ward not too
long from now.

It was Novemeber, 2006 and I was already following
the few changes my wife had made to her diet and we had
both lost about 15lbs in the last few months. Any
change at this point was a good change. We watched
a Discovery Health special called YOU: On A Diet featuring
the YOU docs and a few families incorporating YOAD
into their daily lives and showing their amazing progress.

The very next day, November 7th, 2006, my wife and
I went through every cabinet and cupboard in our
house and got rid of ALL the bad foods. We then
went to the grocery store and bought foods that
met YOAD and from that day we have not looked back!

We could not find the book at any local store so we
ordered it off Amazon. It took a few weeks to arrive
but we started cooking with only YOAD approved foods
using YOAD approved methods and we WERE seeing
results even before the book arrived.

From there it has been all downhilll. I have lost 110lbs
since starting on YOAD in November but about 125lbs
over the last 18 months total. Wahoo!

And most of my medical problems related to my weight
have now vanished including high bood pressure, acid
reflux and sleep apnea. I have much more energy and
I feel better than I can ever remember!

And its all thanks to YOAD!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Happy Anniversary! :)

Today is 1 year after we started following You: On a Diet.
We started on 11/07/06 by cleaning ALL the bad foods out of ALL the nooks and crannies out of our house and spending three hours at the grocery store and produce market getting only YOAD approved healthy items.

We still very closely follow the diet.

Our philosphy is that if we can go to bed every evening, and close our eyes and think back about all the food we had during the last 24 hours, and if we followed YOAD recommendations at least 90% or more for the entire day, than we had a good day and were successfully following YOAD.

To us, it is no longer a diet but a way of life! We have chosen to eat to live instead of our old way of thinking which was living to eat.

I had a job interview today and my wife wanted to post my pictures in my monkey suit...so here I am :)
Here are our stats. I lost a total or 115lbs and have lost 18 inches off my waist. My wife
has lost about 60lbs and 12 inches off her waist. Yippee!!

Have a great day everyone! :)


Chari said...

You look marvelous Marshall, job interview....do tell..

115 pounds, oh my I am only 100 pounds behind ya..lol but I will catch up!

Congrats and I hope you get the job!

Orlando Tek said...

It was just an IT position. A
step up from what I am doing
now. It went pretty well actually :)

Getting Healthy said...

A round of applause for you two. You have done amazing! It is great that the two of you are doing it together.

And thank you for all the help and support you give on the boards. Your journey has helped so many.

Good luck on the job, if it is one that you would like.

Anonymous said...

Marshall or Orlando tek as I know you. You and your wife have done so well. I have been following you on the YOAD boards and on your own blog for some time. I can't believe all the knowledge that you have and share. Thank you so much. I just officially started YOAD yesterday. I don't know why I waited so long. Congratulations and thank you for being an inspiration to so many of us. Karen in Arizona