What's a Youatarian? It's my own phrase I have used when people ask me how I have lost my excess weight. I'm a Youatarian and live the youatarian lifestyle. Simply put, a Youatarian is someone that follows YOU On a Diet. For any YOAD followers out there that would like to adopt the phrase
for themselves, please feel free.

- Marshall (aka Orlando Tek)

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

My Story

In July 2006, I visited the doctor for a multitude of
ongoing medical problems and when I weighed
in I remember being 305lbs. That was the heaviest
I could ever remember weighing on any scale in my life.

My wife, also overweight, started some small changes
in her diet at that time and those changes made its way
through into my diet as well.

In September 2006, I watched my mother undergo
triple bypass surgey. And I always believed her
to be of modest health although she had passed
on a few of her problems to me including high blood
pressure and acid reflux issues. In her early 20's,
unaware of her high blood pressure problem, she
actually had a stroke, although not very severe.

My dad is a bit healthier even though being
12 years older than my mom, but he has borderline
adult onset diabetes and he had a stint put into an
artery a few years back.

Taking in all this information, It was then I decided
I needed to make some serious changes in my life
or I will be the next one on the heart ward not too
long from now.

It was Novemeber, 2006 and I was already following
the few changes my wife had made to her diet and we had
both lost about 15lbs in the last few months. Any
change at this point was a good change. We watched
a Discovery Health special called YOU: On A Diet featuring
the YOU docs and a few families incorporating YOAD
into their daily lives and showing their amazing progress.

The very next day, November 7th, 2006, my wife and
I went through every cabinet and cupboard in our
house and got rid of ALL the bad foods. We then
went to the grocery store and bought foods that
met YOAD and from that day we have not looked back!

We could not find the book at any local store so we
ordered it off Amazon. It took a few weeks to arrive
but we started cooking with only YOAD approved foods
using YOAD approved methods and we WERE seeing
results even before the book arrived.

From there it has been all downhilll. I have lost 110lbs
since starting on YOAD in November but about 125lbs
over the last 18 months total. Wahoo!

And most of my medical problems related to my weight
have now vanished including high bood pressure, acid
reflux and sleep apnea. I have much more energy and
I feel better than I can ever remember!

And its all thanks to YOAD!

Friday, September 7, 2007

For The Newbies :)

My wife sat down last night and finally made the time
to read my posts on my new blog.

Oh, we talk all the time and she knew of what I was
posting but had not actually read each post.

She liked what she read but then commented that she
was worried newbies to YOAD would read what I was
saying and may get the wrong idea that things I
had posted like Big Macs and Ice Cream Bars
were okay for the diet.

I explained I simply wanted to post my real life experiences
following YOAD as best as I could as an indivudual and
I wanted to just share those expereinces.

But, I had to agree with her. I do not want to give the
wrong impressions to any new people first starting out
that may be reading my blog out of curiosity and maybe
perhaps seeking a little guidance.

I have been on YOAD for 10 months. That's a long time.
When my wife and I were first on the diet, we were very
strict about what to have and not to have and were still
learning the foods we could have and couldn't have.

No ice cream, no Big Macs, no Sun Chips and the list
goes on. It took us about 2 weeks to "detox" our bodies
where we no longer felt we were being deprived of anything
and actually did not want the bad stuff anymore.

The first 2 or 3 weeks or so are the most important for the
diet because it really teaches you to read labels and
figure out good from bad and reprograms the brain in your
gut what types of foods it should be telling you to eat.
It should also be the strictess you follow YOAD to help
achieve this.

Also, portion control is very, very important and I think is
one of the keys of my success with the diet. I used to eat
until my belly was burstin' and then I'd get up and waddle from
the table happy. Now, I have enough to be satisfied and
even sometimes a little bit full but never, ever stuffed.
And this is where you want to be!

Once the detox period is over, it's still not party time. On any
given week, 90-95% of the foods I choose are STILL YOAD
approved or YOAD friendly and I am happy with that.
You may want to be closer to 100% and that's great, too.
You have to find the best way to follow it for you while
trying to stick to it as best as you can, and then strive for
a little better! :)

You can do it!


Chari said...

Hi Marshall...I tried to get ya online with your button, but it didn't work. I have put a few chat gadgets on my blog but none of them worked :(

It's a learning process, this blog thing. Today I learned how to make a post a sticky, which you have already mastered. Are you a tek guy...as in computers or web design by chance?

e-mailed Calorie King and asked if their software was Vista compatible...no answer yet. That's what I have on the new puter.


Orlando Tek said...

Yup, I have been doing computers since the 1980's and right now I do tech support for broadband internet. Although I have done tech support for Dell in the past.

It should be compatable with Vista.

Let me know what they say.

Have a good night -


Chari said...

Marshall, they said it was Vista ready, even though it does not say that on their site. I downloaded a free trial....AND I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!! Now my dilemma is I wanna publish this to my blog, so I don't have to do double work...It kinda looks like I can publish it to Calorie King.com, for a fee...but I really just wanna copy and paste it to my blog. Haven't found a way yet...I am really into computers , but still learning. I know more than your average bird. Just new to the blogging thing, need to learn the codes. They are different then websites. < instead of [. In a few weeks my blog will be good to go.

I like how you added stats on your average energy and calorie burning. I tried to chat with you and no luck.

Have a great night, oh you may be in bed already.
sweet dreams

Orlando Tek said...

Hmmmm. I dunno if there is
an "easy" way to do that.

The program allows you to save
a backup of all the data files,
but it would not be in a format
you could use.

I'll have to look at it tonite and see but unfortunately, I don't
think there's going to be a way to do that.

Hope you had a great evening as well.

I am glad you liked the program. It has come handy for me.


Chari said...

Thanks for always responding so quickly Marshall. I do have a question, I read your menu everyday. Does everything come in 100 calorie snack packs or are you making your own on some of the stuff?
Your doing awesome and I am so glad you and your wife joined a Rec. center...it will be so good for you and something you can do together. Do you read Shannon's blog? Her and hubby workout together and are loving it!

Check on ya later, to bad you have to work on Saturday :(


Orlando Tek said...

Well, not everything, but much of the snack stuff I buy already comes in 100 calorie packs.

It saves time from having to measure and portion things out on my own.

The pineapple I'm having today is actually a skinny can of pineapple but it is indeed 100 calories. So, I just called it a snack cup to make it easier.

I haven't read her blog yet.

Tonight my wife and I are having some bison sirloin steaks that we bought at the store yesterday. each steak is about 8oz.

Bison is great because it has considerably less saturated fat than beef and much less total fat and less calories and tastes great!

Hope you are emjoying your weekend :)


Chari said...

Ok Marshall, what do you think of this. In the file menu of Calorie King you can export a CVS file to Excel. I don't really know much about Excel, but it looks like you can create a hyperlink from Excel. I don't have Excel loaded on the new computer where Calorie King is loaded. I have the disk for Excel but haven't loaded it onto new puter with Vista, not sure if it's compatible. Do you think any of this will work?

It's a dream isn't it. I just don't wana enter data every day twice...waaaa. I can export it to their website but it's an extra 55 a year and I don't need it, if it's only to share my data.

Thanks for your help!

Orlando Tek said...

It will probably give you an excel formatted version of the database.

It may or may not be something
you could use.

I haven't played with excel since
1998 so I'm not all that up on
excel anymore.

You could also ask Calorie King what they think the best method would be for what you want to do.

Hope you are feeling better..



Chari said...

I am still sick, but I will be ok. This is too funny, I loaded excel on new puter and was messing with it, I uploaded from excel to google docs, and then to my blog. it can be done, now I just need to mess with it, go have a look and a laugh!
What is bison, never have had it or even seen it?


Orlando Tek said...

I saw your blog.

Yup, it posted it in an ascii comma delimeted file. That is what I thought.

You have to program Excel to determine what each field is...it's a pain in the butt.

Bison is buffalo meat. We have been using it on the diet in place of beef. Bison is lower in fat than regular gound turkey.

We have it every so often.

Over the last 2 months we got in a rut on the diet where it was the same 2 or 3 dinners over and over. Mainly turkey and chicken, though, which is good.

We have been making an effort to introduce back in some of the dishes we were cooking in the first few months on the diet, including bison.